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Jeffery West: Unique Footwear for Men

Fashion can be a fickle friend, always changing its mind, here one minute, gone the next: the personification of the fair weathered friend. Well, one thing for sure is true about fashion: uniqueness and individuality is the key. If you can find your signature style, then you are set for life. One way in which you can ensure a trendy and stylish look, unique to you, is to choose designers that are reliably unheard of. Here, we consider one such designer of shoes: Jeffery West.

'Why shoes?' you may ask. The reason is simple, shoes maketh the outfit. If you always choose great shoes, then you can bet your bottom dollar that your fashion tastes will follow naturally. All fashion lovers understand that shoes make or break an outfit; you can have the most expensive and elegant clothing, but if you wear the wrong pair of shoes, then it all goes to pot. Conversely, a really nice pair of shoes has the quality of enhancing any outfit, so, if your clothes a looking a little raggedy, the shoes will spruce them up.

OK, so on to Jeffery West, and the reasons why they make the perfect choice for shoe lovers everywhere. The name of the company is actually a combination of the surnames of the original co-founders, Mark Jeffery and Guy West, both of which come from Northamptonshire – an area of ​​the UK itself renowned as the historical shoe-capital of the country.

Mark and Guy began their shoe designing empire at the tender age of 16. They would pore over different possibilities to create new and interesting fashionable shoes – paying particular attention to the finer points of manufacturing, such as high-quality stitching and various embellishments. They held in their hearts a strong ethical stance for the direction of their company, wanting to create only the most beautifully crafted and high quality shoes. Not for them mass production, they wanted to develop and design shoes that would come to be seen as the pedigree of the British shoe making industry. With hard work, perseverance, and diligence, they managed to create elegant, lavish, and flamboyant designs, which reflected their innovative and creative natures. This, they perfected flawlessly.

Using many different processes in their manufacturing methods, they created a plethora of shoes in all manner of leathers, with various flourishes, and in a multitude of colors. Indeed, where their imagination took them, they followed. This imagination has made Jeffery West shoes one of the most original and inventive manufacturers of men's shoes – in the dull and dreary world of men's shoe fashions, Mark Jeffery and Guy West have bought a rainbow. Indeed, in many shoe shops, this manufacturer is one of just a handy on display that reflects anything interesting in the world of men's shoes.

Whether Oxfords, Brogues, or ankle boots, Jeffery West shoes are among the most elegant and pioneering. Adding embellishments where other manufacturers fear, breaking the mold, but coming up trumps.

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